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Wedding Planning

For the traditional and not so traditional

Soup to nuts as they say. When you hire a wedding planner you want to be confident that all the details are considered, all the to-do's have been crossed off and the guests are having a great time. Hiring us from beginning to end insures your wedding is flawless.

  • Venue search and selection assistance

  • Suggest and help select expert vendors for each step of the process

  • Create timelines, floorplans and contact sheets for all aspects of the wedding

  • Create and manage a working budget to fit your needs 

  • Create a design/inspiration board and execute the vision with vendor partners

  • Wedding rehearsal organization and coordination

  • Wedding day organization and coordination 

We can consult with you on the small details or the big picture.

  • Navigate the interesting quirks that comes with having an event on Martha's Vineyard

  • Put together welcome packets showcasing local vendors and drop them off to your guest's hotel rooms

  • Endless other options billed at an hourly rate

Full Service


Micro Event Planning

When small is really sweet

Today we are reimagining the gathering. We are mindful in how we come together and make sure to do it in the most respectful way.

  • Source and suggest countless venue options for smaller wedding parties

  • Plan and coordinate all wedding logistics to create a smooth and seamless event

  • Create special moments that can only be achieved with a smaller event


When we started this process we didn't know quite how much it takes to plan a wedding. It's a glorified cook-out right? Well, we were wrong.We were so happy to have GATHER on our team to make it all happen.

Sara and Timothy

Photo: Chandler Cook, Sarah Coswell

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